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The FTSE 100 fell on Thursday and Friday to close at 6,753.7. Read full article

Spanish retail surges ahead

The rapid turnaround in the Spanish economy is turning the retail property market into one of the country’s biggest success stories. Read full article

A three tier recovery

The recovery for commercial property is again turning multi-speed, with offices and retail living in different worlds. Read full article

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The latest news, views and analysis on the world of prime property

UK Residential Market Update

11 June 2015 by Grainne Gilmore

Our Residential Market Update gives a quick snapshot of the very latest key trends in the UK housing market.

Two-speed Europe emerges in the Global House Price Index

11 June May 2015 by Kate Everett-Allen

The Global House Price Index recorded its weakest annual growth for three years, rising by just 0.3% in the year to March 2015, but this figures hides strong performances by a number of key countries, including several in Europe.

Commercial Briefing

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The EU referendum: The sooner the better

22 May 2015 by James Roberts

The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, has called for any future EU membership referendum to take place as soon as possible. We are inclined to agree.

Air pockets ahead after close run election

8 May 2015 by James Roberts

The slender parliamentary majority means the commercial property industry should expect air pockets caused by political uncertainty.

The Rural Bulletin

News and insight for rural property owners, investors and farmers

The big threats and opportunities for rural landowners

24 July 2014 by Andrew Shirley

Knight Frank’s rural property experts round-up the key threats and opportunities that estate owners should be investigating now.

How diversification is boosting the amenity, environmental and economic potential of a Cotswold farm

24 July 2014 by Andrew Shirley

The Rural Bulletin finds out how a range of enterprises managed by Knight Frank’s Paddy Hoare are boosting the amenity, environmental and economic potential of a Cotswold farm.

The Wealth Report 2014

The global perspective on prime property and wealth

Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index update 2014

24 October 2014 by Andrew Shirley

One of my most interesting tasks each year is to update our Luxury Investment Index (KFLII) and take a look at the performance of things like classic cars, fine wine and art. What’s not to like!

Reach for the sky: the Knight Frank Skyscraper Index

12 March 2014 by Oliver Knight

Asian towers dominate Knight Frank’s Skyscraper Index, with Hong Kong boasting the most expensive skyscraper space in the world.