Chinese most influential buyers of new-build property globally

Chinese investors are the most influential buying nationality in prime new-build markets globally , according to new research.

Knight Frank’s latest Global Development Insight report assessed data from across our global network to confirm the leading cross-border buyers of new-build luxury property over the last year. The report also looked at recent changes in buyer activity to gain an insight into the nationalities to watch for the future.

As well as being the top purchasers of new-build residential property in Sydney and Hong Kong, Chinese buyers are active in both Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok’s prime new-build markets. Additionally, they are growing in strength in key western markets, particularly New York.

Chinese buyers’ global presence is fuelled in part by a strong Yuan and slowing domestic economy, both of which are encouraging Chinese investors to look further afield in an attempt to diversify their investments. Singaporean and Russian investors are the next most active buyers of new-build residential property around the world, followed by UK and US buyers.

The full list and more analysis can be found here.

Future demand

When we look at recent sales data from our global network and overlay this with our survey results we can point to key nationalities who will increase their investments in new-build residential property over the next 12 months.

Chinese, Russian and US-based investors are all expected to retain and grow their market share. Latin American buyers meanwhile, particularly those from Brazil and Mexico are expected to feature more prominently in global new-build markets.

China’s growing importance reflects the rise of Asia as a wealth creation hub. Asia is second only to North America in terms of its billionaire population, and the number of high net worth individuals in China is forecast to rise by 137% over the coming decade, according to data contained in The Wealth Report.

The US is forecast to see a 32% increase in its high net worth population over the same period while Russia, according to a separate forecast by WealthInsight, is predicted to see 37% growth in the number of individuals worth US$30m or more by 2016.

In Latin America, the HNWI populations of Brazil and Mexico are forecast to rise by 138% and 44% respectively over the next 10 years.

The full list and more analysis can be found here.

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