To Infinity and Beyond for Property

The launch of sub-orbital space travel presents the opportunity to radically shift global property markets, according to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report.

The Wealth Report 2014 highlights the rising trend for private wealth investment in space research — from asteroid mining to sub-orbital space travel. Knight Frank has identified more than 70 wealthy individuals, with a combined wealth of over US$200 billion, who are targeting this growth sector. The investment promises to transform terrestrial property markets.

To find out how this investment is set to transform earth-based property markets read the full story - which includes our exclusive interview with entrepreneur Richard Branson.

Mining asteroids for precious metals and rare minerals might be an activity confined to computer games for now, but two companies – Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries – are taking the prospect very seriously. Even the public sector has been prompted to consider the potential, with NASA’s recent launch of its Robotic Asteroid Prospector project.

While eyebrows have been raised in scientific circles regarding the economic viability of asteroid mining, the potential rewards appear compelling, if the significant technological challenges can be overcome.

Knight Frank has published a list of our favourite “asteroids to watch” on our website, confirming the potential value of the key space rocks that will be coming (relatively) close to Earth soon.

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